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About Us

"We are healing the women of today
to support the women of our future."

Founder Alana Connelly started this non-profit with the idea to support women on a multi-level scale. First, by supporting the community of women who were creating and making art, holistic health care products, jewelry, body products, gord making, weaving, and so much more by opening a boutique & gallery that could showcase their talents.


Second, opening a bakery where women recovering from trauma or re-entering the workforce could gain skills, build a resume, and make their own money.


Third, providing a farm with transitional housing as a safe place for women to stay as they begin their healing journey. 

We believe that Cultivating Sacred is a lifestyle created to build, nourish and support the relationships we have with ourselves, families and communities. 

We believe in building and doing business in a way that brings in a new realm of conscious entrepreneurship for the highest good of all. 


It is the mission of Cultivating Sacred to inspire, support and provide a soulfully aligned avenue to help women reach a greater audience in business, provide tools to heal and build themselves up so, women can reach their dreams and achieve their goals. 


Relationships are sacred.  


Our aim is to cultivate the relationship between women makers, business owners, artists and patrons using the art of (insight, awareness, collaboration and care) so that women, their families, businesses and communities can flourish and thrive.    


Cultivating Sacred is a collection of passionate, loving, radiant, women living and creating from their heart.  We strive to hold space that is inclusive for all women from all paths; leading to a joined community of support that empowers and strengthens women.  Together through our deep respect for one another, outrageous joy, integrity, soul, heart and purpose, we co-create an epic, wild, fun-loving, belly-laughing, power-house of strong empowered women.

Onward! A Legacy Foundation

We are sponsored by Onward! This is how we became a 501(3)(c)


Onward! supports numerous groups and initiatives by being their Fiscal Sponsor. This fiscal sponsorship is an agreement between Onward! and the group/initiative/project which is providing or meeting a community need and requires non-profit recognition.

Once the group is sponsored by Onward!, they are provided the benefits of a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and all their financial activity is recorded on the Onward! books. Onward! provides the necessary support so that these groups may pursue their programs or missions, with some of the groups eventually obtaining their own non-profit status.

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